5 ways to tell it’s not meant to be


While relationships are fun, they’re not all made to last. Here are some easy ways to tell it’s going down.

Cute texts stop/conversations.

It was all heart eyes and selfies before but now it’s just the standard wyd. It doesn’t always have to be rainbows but if you guys can’t hold a conversation can you hold on to each other.

Fighting constantly.

Every couple fights but if you can’t get through one day or conversation without arguing it’s time to go.

You don’t want to be intimate.

Sex is huge in a relationship and if you don’t want him to touch you. Girl, that’s not a good sign.

They’re no longer a priority.

Your partner should be in your top 10 friends list. If you can’t be bothered to see why his day was bad, it’s time to think about some things.

You need time apart.

And I mean need it, not a weekend away with your girlfriends. But you just don’t want to be near or around them and you’re not sure when you want to come back.

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