5 Ways To Jump Start Your Day Without Coffee #NoJitters

Living / Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

I was a coffee fiend at one point. I used to think that was the gentlest way to wake me up and get my day going. However, since starting my wellness journey I’ve discovered that coffee, the way I make it, isn’t the best way. After months of trying I’ve found 5 jittery freeways to jump-start your day without coffee.

Jump start your day without coffee

I know coffee can kick start your metabolism and aid in weight loss. But mentally I don’t want a quick jolt to my system only go crash moments later. Also, caffeine is very addictive, you don’t want to become one of those “don’t talk to me before my coffee” zombies do you?

So let’s start,


Jump start your day without coffee

Ice cold water.

If you need any kind of a shock to your system to know you’re awake cold water certainly does it. It doesn’t have to be freezing your nips off cold but colder than room temperature. Drink about 3 large cups and you’re on your way.

Jump start your day without coffee

Morning Yoga

You don’t have to take a class or anything. Bed yoga is a thing. Do a few neck rolls, rotate the hands and feet top it off with cat-cow position and you’re golden.

Jump start your day without coffee


Music speaks to the soul in a way nothing else does. Use this! Create a playlist of songs you can’t help but sing along to. Nothing with chill vibes though we need to get you up and active.

Jump start your day without coffee

A cold shower

Just like drinking it cold water jumps starts the system. A 10 minute cold(ish) shower helps start your metabolism and the brain to help power you through the day.

Jump start your day without coffee

Call And Talk To A Friend

Do you know that one friend who actually wakes up for that 7 am hike you drunkenly agreed too? That’s the one to call in the morning to help wake you no doubt they just finished a soul cycle class and have some energy to spare.

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