5 Ways To Find Your Peace After You Lost Your Mind

Photo by Jacalyn Beales on Unsplash

Have you ever sat down at the end of the day and wondered what you did that day? You know you’ve gotten a few things accomplished, but you’re just not sure what it was.

Often times we go through the world in a daze, so focused on getting the task done that we don’t actually focus or even pay attention to what we’re doing or how we feel about it.

Time to change that and lead a more purposeful mindful existence.


Slow Down, do one activity at a time so you can focus your whole mind on one task to improve your concentration.

Start journaling in the morning as well as at night.  A good habit to get in to is journaling. Not only is it a good way to voice your feelings and opinions, it also helps you analyze them in a safe place.

Meditate. Get in touch with your body making sure you keep your sprit inline and analyze how you really feel.


Release your creativity. Whether its drawing, witing or painting find a way to release your creativity that also calms you.

Pratice Affirmations. You can say them all you want but if you  dont believe them or pratice them , then they’re just words.

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