5 Steps To Find Happiness

5 Steps To Find Happiness

I won’t keep you long I’m just here to show you how to find your own happiness. Here are some simple steps that make everyone feel better.

1. Eat Well

It’s no secret when you eat healthier you feel better. Find what healthy foods you enjoy and eat it more frequently. Then gradually add new things to your palette. Keep your not-so-healthy foods for a night out with friends.

2. Care For Your Mind

Therapy is great but it’s not accessible to everyone. As someone who goes I can tell you therapy is just a safe place for you to talk, it’s not a cure-all. If you need to vent, a helpful starting place is journaling. Journaling helps get your thoughts and feelings out of your head and heart it takes a metaphorical weight off your shoulders.

3. Do Something, anything!

Find a hobby, literally anything that calms you. Whether it be gardening, writing, painting, or reading, hell even taxidermy! Whatever you like doing, do it so long as it’s not hurting anyone you’re golden.

4. Spend Time Outside

City life is stressful. For some, the noise can be overwhelming. When you have time spend time outside whether it’s a walk in the park or out on a restaurant’s patio just go outside and just be there, no phone no book just take it all in.

5. Remove Negativity From Your Life

Remember, everything in life is an option. You are in control of your life no one else. You can use this to make your time here good or bad. If you have unhappiness with friends, family, career, or yourself look for ways to fix it. Your friend/family stressing you out? Talk it out with them and see if you can resolve it. Do you have a job you dread going to daily? Maybe it’s time for a change in careers. It’s scary and uncertain but you weren’t put here to work.

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