4 Ways Your Body Changes When You Go Vegan

4 Ways Your Body Changes When You Go Vegan

I’ve been vegan now for 2 months to be honest it hasn’t been that bad. Things definitely arent the same and it’s hard af to find “bad food” to binge out on. But theres always an alternative that you can have. The most change that I feel has been within myself it’s much more than a diet it’s a lifestyle change let me tell you everything.

Good bye to bloating.

I used to stay bloated all the time and feel swollen. Since I’ve made the switch I’m hardly ever bloated anymore.

Way more regular

For obvious reasons.

Skin has cleared up not to mention the glow!

Eating fruits and vegetables are amazing for your skin and body

Lots more energy

I dont get tired after eating like I used too. I’m just ready for the next thing, I also don’t get stuffed even if I eat alot.

Here are just a few reasons on why I’ve enjoyed being vegan. Are you vegan, or have you tried it. Let me know what you think about it in the comments.

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