4 Ways To Keep Your Jewelry Shining!

4 Ways To Keep Your Jewelry Shining!

I’m a jewelry lover, especially rings. Whenever possible I try to stack them high and thick! It’s often challenging trying to keep them cleaning and shining. Nothing worst than a dirty old jewelry. Sometimes you cant get them back to their original glory. We dont need to get to that point. I will tell you how I care for mine and you’re more than welcome to share your tips in the comments!

Don’t Store It In The Box.

Most boxes come in a display box with a nice black velvet fabric. That fabric is dyed sometimes which can stain lighter jewelry. Make sure you have a proper jewelry box that has anti tarnishing fabric or get an anti tarnishing pouch.

Take off your jewelry

I’ll never understand why people do everything in their jewelry. It’s not indestructible! Sleeping in jewelry can cause it to bend unnaturally, it might get caught on something and a stone can fall out! Jewelry is not made to get wet either. Although some can stand it your jewelry will end up looking dull or tarnishing very quickly.

Avoid moisturizing in your jewelry

This is mainly for jewelry with stones. The designer left little holes on the side of the stones to let air past through and keep your jewelry Shining. Most moisturizing products clog up the holes and weakens the glue inside. Next thing you know the stone is gone. Still moisturize just make sure to put on jewelry afterwards.

Clean jewelry regularly

This is big if you wear jewelry everyday or never take it off. Regular dirt and oils can damage your jewelry make sure you clean your jewelry at least once a month to remove them from your jewelry.

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