4 Little Ways You Can Go Green

4 Little Ways You Can Go Green

Living in a city, it can be hard to live a greener lifestyle. Although it will be hard, it’s not impossible!

1. Walk/or bus it when you can

Im not overly ambitious but if you can walk somewhere go for it. It’s a nice work out and you see your neighborhood a little closer. You also save on gas and exhaust which is great for your lungs and the environment.

2. Remember your reusable bags

It’s hard but when you can bring your own bags. I know you dont need me to tell you the damage plastic bags have on the environment but every reminder helps.

3. Start a compost or visit your local compost.

I’ve previously wrote about this before but it’s so easy to do! You’ll get amazing soil for your plants and youll be lessening the waste in your landfill. There’s no downside. If you’re not sure on how to start one I’ve written an entire article about it you can read it here..

4. Don’t use plastic bottles get a Brita filter.

There’s rarely a rwason you need a plasyic bottle. I don’t get why people go and buy a set of plastic bottles for the house. Not inly does it waste money it’s bad for the environment. Get a Brita filter for the house you’ll save so much more money on reusable cups and filling up your filter you wonder why you wasted so much money before.

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