3 Must-Haves For A Perfect RoadTrip

3 Must-Haves For A Perfect RoadTrip

The rush of a road trip is always exciting! Thinking of a nice relaxing drive to the beach, the lake or just visiting a new town is just fun, however, the packing and planning are not.

Let’s be honest when the trip is a weekend thing or going to a place you’ve never been to it’s easy to get a little flustered. Not to worry, I’ve been road tripping from the age of 5. My parents loved to travel to visit family and friends in different parts of the US and sometimes we had to get ready to get on the road literally in hours! Here are some of my must-haves for a successful road trip.

…:::Have A PlayList Ready:::…

Nothing’s worst (or more dangerous) than having to search for music while driving so have a playlist prepared in advanced. If you don’t have time for a playlist listen to some stories on Youtube. This has honestly been one of my go-to things lately while driving. It’s fun to just get lost in a story especially if you have to drive a while.


…::: Comfortable Clothes:::…

This should really go without saying but try to avoid restricting clothing while driving. I had to drive 4 hours back home in denim shorts and I felt so much more constricted then when I wore my jersey dress on the way down, the drive felt much faster too. My favorite go-to travel outfit is a pair of graphic leggings, a V neck tee and maybe a jacket, if not I’m throwing on a tee shirt dress!  As far as shoes nice flats or slides are perfect for driving and not constricting as some sneakers can be.,


…:::Directions And Rest Stops:::…

I know there’s google maps and you always rely on them and it’s done you good for years. But there’s nothing worse than driving through the mountains and hearing “GPS signal lost”.  OR seeing that gas light come on and not having a predestined place to stop in the middle of nowhere also taking your eyes off the road to look for one on google isn’t good either. So take it back to the 90’s if you’re on a long drive and print out the directions or set up your GPS to work offline. Also plan out your stops so you don’t have to worry about running out of gas or being annoyed by the ” I gotta pee’ in the back seat, just stop and fill up even if you’re not on E and make sure everyone is fully drained before you get back on the road.


The Extras…

We all know at the end of the day it’s all about having fun! Keep the mood up with good snacks and nice but limited energizing drinks, and anything else you might need. I like to take long drives with a neck pillow because I lean and I need my neck to be comfortable.

Don’t forget to have fun while it’s still nice and easy to drive out guys I love road trips you get to see the countryside and make fun stops along the way and possibly make a friend or two and the local watering hole, just be safe!

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