All Wrapped Up Like A Gram Of Cocaine

All Wrapped Up Like A Gram Of Cocaine
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As you may or may not know I have been blogging for 9 years now. I’ve had a multitude of blogs, all pretty much the same topic; fashion, beauty, and life. Over the recent years I’ve seen my life going in many different ways, When I was younger I had dreams of own my own magazine, however after reflection I realize that was not the dream. I always wanted a penthouse with a doorman, have brunch with my girl friends, and later have meetings but a healthy work life balance,

That’s my real dream. To live the life of fantasy. As I said it’s changed from year to year and if I’m to be completely honest, I like writing but I don’t know if I love it enough to use it as a tool for business instead of pleasure. When it comes to writing stuff you guys (my audience wants to read it doesn’t give me joy or the view ship that I would like.

When I look towards my blogger gurus such as Bryan boy, who’s site isn’t even up anymore, and Gabifresh who does more design work than writing (her last update at this time was in November, before that July of last year). It makes me wonder is there any real future in blogging? Well not any future but is it the future I want??

I can always write and I will continue to, it’s my release, it’s nice to do in an evening in and I do like to share my stories in hopes that the few of you that do read it can get a good laugh and some inspiration out of it. I will say I will most-likey be less active on my “business” accounts under my blog’s name however you can see what I”m up to on my personal Instagram Kimberly.Enchancted as well as my Twitter JustVibesz if you’re interested.

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