You’re Inspo Post Is Not Inspiring

You’re Inspo Post Is Not Inspiring
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Per my last post, you know that I’m sorta finding myself all over again. Without any help from outside sources. I was recently on my Instagram hardly posting and noticed how many inspiration pages I followed. Not like a “You deserve more” page but like the ‘This outfit is amazing you need it’ page. I would look at the posts and feel as if I need to wear makeup like those girls and shop where they shop. When in fact, I don’t and neither do you.

I’m not trying to shame those girls, they honestly look amazing and they deserve to express themselves however they see fit. But where I’m at mentally, I don’t need to see girls that make me feel inferior. I’m not afraid to say my confidence is not at a level to where I can say ‘You Go Girl!’ with complete honesty. In the back of my head, I’m asking myself why don’t I do this, or that, or what have you.



That insecurity is then turned in to anger and I start throwing shade at the girl saying its photoshop, it’s makeup, it’s all angles. Of course, it is! Nobody wants to take a bad photo but I shouldn’t say without all that stuff she doesn’t look like that. Let her be great just like I’m working on my self to be great.

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With that in mind that’s the reason why I decided to take a break from inspo pages and shopping pages (with the exception of plant, and home decor of course). It’s not that there’s anything wrong with them and it’s not very empowering of me to tell them to stop doing them because it makes me and possibly other girls feel bad. Simply unfollow and continue to work on yourself then come back if you want to.

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