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I have pretty long lashes, now. I had to grow my lashes back after getting some awful extensions. Here are some things I did to get them back.

Avoid extensions. While most of the time lash extensions won’t be damaging. They do add extra pressure on the lashes that can lead to them breaking or stunt the growth if the stylist put them to close to the lash line. However, strip lashes aren’t bad as long as you don’t overdue it with the glue.

Tea tree oil or olive oil. I’m not going to lie to you. While oil doesn’t make your lashes grow, it creates a healthy environment for lashes to grow long and strong. Apply it nightly and about 2 weeks later you should see growth.

Clean your lashes well. Make sure you keep your lashes clean from mascara when you go to bed and don’t apply too much for the day. That way no hair follicles will be clogged up making your lashes fall out or break.

Mascara. Since we’re on the topic of mascara try a lengthening mascara. They are infused with growth serum to help your lashes grow. Unlike some growth treatments I never experienced any loss once I stopped using the mascara. I did however use one lash growth serum not in a mascara and my lashes barely grew and when I stopped use my lashes started to shed like crazy.

Any tips of your own? Let me know in the comments.

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