4 Unusual Reasons Why Your Skin Is Freaking Out

4 Unusual Reasons Why Your Skin Is Freaking Out

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You wash your face daily with your life-saving Clarisonic. You moisturize and get all 8 hours of sleep, yet you wake up with little bumps all over your face. What gives?!

Well, it might not be your routine that’s the issue. Our skin goes through so much daily and nightly that sometimes breakouts just happen. However, there are a few things we can do to prevent breakouts besides washing our faces.

..:: Check your linens ::..

Make sure you’re changing out and washing your pillowcases and sheets weekly. Those dead skin cells, sweat and everything thing else that rests in our pillows can cause clogged pores that can lead to those little red bumps.

❤ Try sleeping with a fab or lowering the temp during bedtime to minimize the sweating. Linen pajamas are also a great option.

..:: Your Makeup Brushes ::..

We forget to wash our makeup brushes, life happens but you really need to. They hold bacteria from your face and the germs in the bottom of your make up bag not to mention the actual makeup. So much is in those bristles. Washing your brushes should happen weekly as well maybe once every 2 weeks if you don’t wear makeup every day and it’s very light.

..:: Your Hair ::..

All the oils, sprays, and gels we use on our hair to make it look flawless can actually wreak havoc on our skin. Don’t forget if your hair is longer, you have bangs, or you just sweat from a workout all of it gets in your skin that can cause a breakout. I’m not telling you to not di your hair, just be mindful, you shouldn’t go longer than two weeks (a week and a half if your hair is fine) to get rid of build up and also breakouts.


.:: You keep touching your face ::..

Rest your hand on your chin, tapping your face rubbing your forehead, yes can lead to a breakout. Think about every surface you touch regularly, door handles, gas pumps, food etc. While it’s not common, excessively touching your face can lead to a breakout because you’re transferring all the oils and bacteria to your face. Just be mindful.

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