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Product Lust : First Aid Beauty Intensive Peel

Product Lust : First Aid Beauty Intensive Peel

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When I got back from vacation I found I had a discoloration right underneath my lip. I think it was from me laying out in the sun. The issue is the tan is not fading. I haven’t been exfoliating facewise, like I love a chemical peel -Ole Hendrickson in particular- but I’ve been slacking. I’m getting back to it though check my hibernation post.

I went lurking through the beauty aisle looking for a good chemical peel. I went for a chemical peel for MAXIUM EXFOLIATION to get the old skin or whatever it is off and fading away.

I could hardly find any peels so I asked the girls working where the peels were and which one worked the best. She recommend First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Intensive Peel.

Now I’ve tried First Aid Beauty peels before I never cared for them. They’re always to gentle, I’m one of those girls who likes to feel a burn or tingle. I didn’t get that from them.

The Application Sponge

This peel was no different. You apply it with a sponge, which is cool it applies it very smoothly and a lot of it too. I like a lot of mask on.

When it was on I didn’t feel a tingle. I left it on for and 15 or 20 minutes you’re only supposed to leave it 10. I left it on longer because I wanted it to sear my skin off.

When I did take the mask off finally my skin was dry. So dry that it burned a little when I moved my face. I like to do sheet mask after and I couldn’t find one so I had to heavily moisturize.

I did have quite a glow though. My skin looked time and very even. I was taken back a bit, I really liked my skin after wards. As far as the line under my lip and it faded a bit. It says use it twice a week, so I will. We will see how it goes, so far I rate it 5/10. If you need a chemical peel, that’s gentle and effective this is it. Interested? You can grab it here on Amazon for 40$

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Intensive Peel, 1.7 Ounce

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