Month: October 2018

My 1st Time In Therapy

My 1st Time In Therapy

Recently I’ve started therapy. Sometimes life gets really hard for me and shopping and friends laughs aren’t enough. I never thought I would get here but here I am. I set up the appointment with my doctor on Tuesday a day I had nothing planned. […]

Baby Come Back: 3 Things To Consider Before You Give Him Another Try

Baby Come Back: 3 Things To Consider Before You Give Him Another Try

So, your ex has been all up and through your DM’s and on your phone telling you how much he misses you while drake plays in the background. You start remembering him and his D and think maybe I should try again? WAIT! Let’s think […]

5 ways to tell it’s not meant to be


While relationships are fun, they’re not all made to last. Here are some easy ways to tell it’s going down.

Cute texts stop/conversations.

It was all heart eyes and selfies before but now it’s just the standard wyd. It doesn’t always have to be rainbows but if you guys can’t hold a conversation can you hold on to each other.

Fighting constantly.

Every couple fights but if you can’t get through one day or conversation without arguing it’s time to go.

You don’t want to be intimate.

Sex is huge in a relationship and if you don’t want him to touch you. Girl, that’s not a good sign.

They’re no longer a priority.

Your partner should be in your top 10 friends list. If you can’t be bothered to see why his day was bad, it’s time to think about some things.

You need time apart.

And I mean need it, not a weekend away with your girlfriends. But you just don’t want to be near or around them and you’re not sure when you want to come back.

How To Hygge Your Space

How To Hygge Your Space

Fall is cozy weather. I always want to get super cozy with my place when it’s cold out because I like it warm and cozy when it’s cold and bitter outside. I’ve gotten it down to a science to how to get the coziest house […]

Habits Of Highly Successful Sleepers

Habits Of Highly Successful Sleepers

I’m a horrible sleeper like it’ll be 2 am and I’ll be wide awake laying in the darkness just up. I’ll wake up the next day after falling asleep at 4 am and be exhausted, my friends who are great sleepers just laugh it off. […]

#GetYourLife: How To Start Intermediate Fasting

#GetYourLife: How To Start Intermediate Fasting

“Please note I’m not a health care professional, I’m hardly a fitness blogger. This is simply how I got ready.”


So you want to stat intermediate fasting huh? Well, so did I but I had no idea what it was, or really how to do it. I did a lot of research and got an app to help me stick to it and I’ll explain all of that in this article.

What is intermediate fasting?

Basically, it’s giving your self a certain amount of time to eat and then fasting, like creating an eating pattern. For example when you ake up in the morning and you skip breakfast and don’t eat until 12 pm “lunchtime”. Then you eat dinner and close the kitchen at 8 pm repeating the same pattern every day. You can also move the times to fit your needs but this time is used for example purposes.

My eating times change every day and then there are days where I don’t eat for an entire day. I’m on a specialized diet because I want to lose weight quickly so I can stick to it. I’m an instant gratification girl when it comes to dieting if I don’t see results quickly I quit.

But how did I get ready?


I spoke to my doctor first.

I asked her pretty bluntly if I needed to lose weight. I recently gained a lot of weight and I liked it but it’s getting a bit too much. I didn’t know how much weight I really needed to lose so I spoke to my doctor, only about 20 pounds, totally doable. She recommended the I try diet an exercise just an overall healthy lifestyle change and I agreed.

I started meal prepping and eating smaller meals.

I looked into smaller healthier meals I could eat. I don’t like reheating breakfast or really eating breakfast unless I have a taste for it. I also wanted to eat more greens so I prepped meals that had a lot of veggies in them. Since I could eat at certain times I wanted to make sure they were the healthiest meals and low calories.

I started drinking more water and tea.

I got a reusable water bottle and instead of taking sips to just wet my throat I would try drinking the entire bottle and then refill it. The water, of course, fills you up and it got my body rehydrated it also got me used to filling up on water and not food.  Tea is also a good appetite suppressant and it’s relaxing.

I practiced Self Hypnosis

I meditated on it. I practiced self-hypnosis to prepare myself for the lifestyle change. It’s a lifestyle change something that I want to do long term. Not fasting for a full day but closing the kitchen at 8 pm so my food can fully digest before I go to bed. I’m used to snacking at 12 am if I’m hungry, or just bored so it has to be dedicated.


To help me along because I’m not the best at tracking time I use an app called body fast. It helps you keep track of your fasting times or when you can and cannot eat. You can select different plans to fit your needs as well as customize your times when you can eat. I recommend it (they’re not paying me) if you need help to keep track of times. You can do the coach if you like but you don’t have to I don’t and it still works great.

I’ve been intermediate fasting for about a week or so now and the swelling has gone down in my belly, it’s looking a lot flatter, as well as my face. My metabolism has sped up a little and did I say I don’t get bloated as much? I like it, it’s not as easy as it sounds especially when you’re up late and see all those food commercials but it’s worth it.

Would you try it or if you’ve done it before what are some of your tips on fasting?


Find Your Perfect Face Mask

Find Your Perfect Face Mask

Masking is a great way to perk up your skin after a stressful week and pamper yourself while keeping your skin looking fresh. The only issue is what mask to use and when? There is an entire wall full of masks with so many ingredients […]

3 Must-Haves For A Perfect RoadTrip

3 Must-Haves For A Perfect RoadTrip

The rush of a road trip is always exciting! Thinking of a nice relaxing drive to the beach, the lake or just visiting a new town is just fun, however, the packing and planning are not. Let’s be honest when the trip is a weekend […]

Sir, You’re Not Persistent You’re Creepy

Sir, You’re Not Persistent You’re Creepy

cc: instagram:artist_united

When guys are younger they’re often taught if a girl says no to keep trying. That’s probably why we have men that don’t quite understand what the word no means. Even if we don’t necessarily say no, if we don’t respond to your message then you probably should get the hint, we’re not interested.

I have a case like that… There’s a guy on Instagram that has been messaging me for about a year. I’ve responded once, once in a year it’s spilling over to the next year, I have not responded. It’s been so long and so many messages that I’ve received that Instagram deleted them now you only see his messages.

It’s almost creepy because he’s so persistent. Like if he messaged me then waited a year and messaged me again then it wouldn’t be as weird, but its almost every time I post a photo.

If you’re a guy (know a guy like this let me till you why girls don’t end up giving you a chance when you constantly message us like this.

  1. You’re weird, like are you watching my page or something?
  2. Is there some other reason why you’re messaging me? Do you have another motive?
  3. If I were actually to give you a chance what will happen? Are you going to constantly harass me every second? Will you be those crazy stalker boyfriends?
  4. What happens if I’m ready to leave but you don’t want to let go? Will I be dealing with you for the rest of my life?
  5. If you’re wondering why we don’t block, it’s not aggressive or rude and honestly when I see it I just ignore it and go about my day and forget all about it. Why not just tell him, why is not responding enough? Why do you consistently message me when I ignore you? Why can’t you get the hint and leave? Do I really need to go full bitch and tell you to leave, are you daft?

Yeah I could be a bit paranoid I am a fan of ID television, but these are real concerns. So fellas if a girl that is not responding to your messages just let her be, there are over 7 billion people online don’t obsess over one, especially if she’s not giving you the time of day.