My Life: My Life Changed When I Got This Bag

My Life: My Life Changed When I Got This Bag
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Over these past few days, everything has been pretty shitty if I’m honest. I was in a fatal car accident and prior to that, I had been so sick that it was painful to swallow.

It got me thinking about how life can change so quickly and suddenly, and how we shouldn’t hold out and wait for certain things. If you want something go for it, if you love someone tell them, and if you want to buy the shoes buy the shoes.

I have a habit of not buying things until it’s too late. I often spend my money on food before replacing my 3-year-old top that looks every bit of 3 years old.

I know it’s weird to hear a girl who writes about fashion say she doesn’t shop but fashion is a lifestyle, not a price tag. It’s Art.

What I’m saying is I’ve been missing a huge part of self-care. I’ve been so busy caring about the inside that I forgot about the outside.

So I told myself, I’m no longer going to wait for something or anything. I’m going to go for it with everything that I have, I’m going to say what I want to say and do what I want to do.

I say this all to get it off my chest and I got a new bag. It’s something that will represent my change and my dedication to my self and my life. Why is this bag important? This bag is something I don’t usually buy, I’m more practical and I’m a nervous shopper if I don’t have something similar to it I don’t get it.

This purchase is so left field for me it’s ridiculous. I absolutely love it and it’s on trend for spring 2019. I also love what it represents and I’m simply hoping that I will keep growing.


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