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Getting Your Skin Ready For Fall

Getting Your Skin Ready For Fall

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With fall rapidly approaching, we’re in that in-between stage where it’s summer during the day but fall at night.

With the seasons changing so quickly it doesn’t give us enough time to properly adjust our wardrobe or beauty routines to the new conditions.

The biggest concern of mine is my skin. With my summer tan is fading and skin is feeling drier and then to get a little blotchy.

What do I do to keep my skin feeling good as hell?

Moisturizing is always key, its the type of moisturizer is tricky. I always recommend a dry oil for this in-between time it’s lightweight and moisturizing. if you’ve been reading my posts long enough you know I love the UFO dry oil it works for pretty much all skin types


As far transitioning back to your fairer winter shade, the best way to do it is to exfoliate. It keeps the dead skin lifting altogether instead of just one or to patches. You can check out my favorites here just to get an idea of what might help you.



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