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My Love List Vol. 1

My Love List Vol. 1

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Every once in a while I stumble upon some items I can’t figure out how I lived with out them. I call it my love list, my just have items of the month.

The gel eye mask I found this stumbling through Marshalls. I was just poking around cause I needed some new clothes but I always end up in that section. I’ve written about how much I loved this eye mask before in a previous post (here) and I’m still loving it.

My Joe Jeans😍 another great find seeing how I can never find a good pair of comfortable jeans that have a nice stretch. If you’re curvy in the booty and need a good stretchy jeans go to Joe’s. If you need a good pair I got mine here, they’re not an exact match ( they’re just missing the destroyed ankle) but the cut and rise are the same,

My eucalyptus candle. I love the idea of creating a vibe in a room. You should be able to tap into a room’s energy when you walk in. When it comes to my restroom I want you to feel like you’re at a healing spa and you can relax. Having a eucalyptus candle does both by creating a relaxing ambiance while also relaxing the body. You can purchase one here


This Caress body wash. You guys I seriously am in love with this wash, like seriously. I have never tried caress body wash before I didn’t think it was anything really different from dove or soap and Glory. But last time I was in the drug store the wash looked so rich and silky I had to try it. It sat in my wash while I was experimenting with another wash( that wasn’t that great btw) when I thought I’d give it a whirl This body wash washed away all my skin and troubles in one bubbalicious go. My skin, my skin after this wash was (and still is) lush like a babies bottom . You really do need to try it, also it’s super affordable get it here.

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