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How To Revamp Your Wardrobe

How To Revamp Your Wardrobe

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For a long time I didn’t go shopping. Aside from not having the money, time, and not sure exactly what I wanted. My main issue was I gained a lot of weight so when I did go shopping and my booty wasn’t fitting in jeans. I was like, nah. Now after I’ve been working out and my body is hot and toned let’s do this wardrobe thing.

I feel like when it comes to learning to love yourself it’s good to dress up and get out of leggings. That’s what I needed ,to keep me going. While I love my new curves (booty is popping y’all) I’m not used to seeing it jazzed up, so it doesn’t wow me. Yet. Now I need to revamp for a sexy new wardrobe, to feel good about me again. If you’re in the same position as me, or just because a new season is upon us. Let’s revamp the wardrobe! But how? Here’s how.

Evaluate your closet.

Please don’t just start buying things, most stuff you’ll get you won’t wear because you won’t need it. Go through your wardrobe, do you need jeans? More tops? Maybe jackets? Get to know your wardrobe.

Discover your vibe.

This is a good time to experiment with a new look you’ve been wanting to try. For example if you wanted to try a more colorful look try a pair of colored jeans or vibrant top. I mean you’re buying new stuff anyway. Just don’t go overboard, get one “new” thing to make sure you actually like it on you before you fill your wardrobe with it.

Clean Out The Clutter

This may seem odd but follow me. Get rid of your aged clothes. The ones that you can’t fit anymore (they’re just depressing) your faded clothes (they look old, or anything stained (just a given). Basically anything that doesn’t bring you joy anymore, or you haven’t worn in For ever, toss it.

Repurchase your favorite pieces.

So there’s some pieces that you’ve just worn out. Mine is my strappy black dress. I love it but it’s been washed so many times it’s faded, I need to get another. So replace it. I thought about just dying it but I found a match for it that’s like $8 dollars. So yeah.

Don’t Forget Your “Enhancement ” Pieces.

Your bras, shape wear, and panties. We often don’t talk about these pieces when we refer to wardrobe but they’re important! How much more attractive do you look (and feel) when you have a good bra? Or that little extra tug you need in that extra fitted dress? These are pieces every woman needs whether you like it or not. So don’t forget to get them 😘

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