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7 of The Best Body Scrubs For Your Glo’ Up

7 of The Best Body Scrubs For Your Glo’ Up

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There’s nothing quite like coming out the shower and feeling renewed. Skin feeling nice, fresh and clean. I love it too! It’s like next level amazing. I’ve tried TONS of exfoliators before both chemical and physical. Today we’ll talk about my top physical exfoliators of all time 🙂.



OLEHENRIKSEN Rub ‘n Buff Transformation Salt Scrub

Do you need a spa day? This is it. The lavender smell and the cooling feeling instantly puts you at ease.  You can get it here


SOL DE JANEIRO Bod Buff Smoothing Scrub ‘n’ Mask

You can leave it on as a mask and scrub it all off revealing the beautiful skin within you. You can get it here.


Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Polish.

A luxurious scrub for a drugstore price.  This is one of the first exfoliators that I tried (besides the one that you’ll read about later) I was obsessed with it from the moment I wiped it away to reveal my glowy skin, It’s still one of my top fave exfoliators that leave you hydrated and exfoliators without that sticky feeling. You can get it here


ULTA Luxe Smooth Exfoliating Body Scrub

I wrote about this previously (read here) about how I loved the grittiness of this exfoliator and how the lemongrass fragrance is so inviting that I didn’t want to leave the shower after. I still don’t. You can get it here.



If you have acne this is the scrub that’ll save you. I used to get pimples on my chest frequently and hated it(who likes it?) This scrub got rid of it allll of it! You can get it here.


Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub

I think everyone has tried this scrub. It’s a staple, it’s a classic. This was my first scrub ever! It introduced me to skin care and it’s a good beginner scrub. Not too harsh, not too gentle. It’s a good scrub with amazing fragrances that make your whole bathroom smell like a bakery. Get it here.


EARTH THERAPEUTICS Charcoal Purifying Foot Scrub

Ok, I know this is a foot scrub, and I did use it on my feet…and my legs….and arms. Ok everywhere, it felt soo good and my skin was glowing after. Why should my feet me the only ones to get the red carpet treatment? You can get it here.

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