Month: August 2018

How & When To Let Him Go

There’s this guy who I’ve basically been in love with since I was younger. He’s not my dream guy, but what can I say even years later he still makes me swoon. We recently got back in contact with each other and have been communicating […]

A Travel Guide 72 hours In Myrtle Beach

A Travel Guide 72 hours In Myrtle Beach

..::This is my travelogue::.. I finally made it down to the beach this year! I literally haven’t been since I was maybe 16 years old. Crazy I know, but life happens, so my sisters and I decided it was time for a trip! We stayed […]

Create Your Own Indoor Jungle

Create Your Own Indoor Jungle


Jungalow isn’t just a fun new twist on the word bungalow. It’s a crazy fun lifestyle full of prints, colors, and plants…lots of plants so sayeth Justina Blakeney the creator of the jungalow vibe.

I’m not necessarily one for the color, but I am here for the plants. I love the little garden I’ve created in my tiny apartment, it’s the main focal point in my living room. Right now it’s pretty much the only focal point since I want new art. Anyway, I always loved plants and I wasn’t sure that I could keep one alive though. I found a few that I was able to keep alive they’re pretty easy.

Aloe Vera

My first baby, ❤ I felt as if I don’t tend to it as much as I should but it has grown so large that it turns out you don’t really need to do anything but water it once a week and provided decent sunlight.

Lucky Bamboo

This plant is one that is easy to care for too there’s really no maintenance you can forget to water it and it still grows. Just be careful when you water it if there’s chlorine in the water then the leaves will turn yellow, it’s not dangerous so don’t worry.

Golden Pothos

This is a good one if you don’t want the big plant look without the big plant care. It grows long in a matter of months I think I’ve only had this one for about 3 months. It’s more of an intermediate plant you have to water and fertilize it every now and again.

A Catus

Really any cactus will do just don’t water it too much this is a plant you can honestly forget about for a month or two and it’ll be fine, just don’t over water.

Snake Plants

This plant barely needs light, I say barely because every plant needs light. But as long as it gets a little ( like in the back corner of a well-lit room ) it’ll be fine. I will say it grows slow, I haven’t seen much change in mine.

Pink Angel

I really wanted some color in my little place plus I saw a ton of pink plants on Instagram and thought I want one! The reason why these plants are so easy is really just the fact they tell you when to water them by fainting. I’ve forgotten a few times and when I did water it after it fainted it popped right back up like nothing happened.

5 Ways To Find Your Peace After You Lost Your Mind

Have you ever sat down at the end of the day and wondered what you did that day? You know you’ve gotten a few things accomplished, but you’re just not sure what it was. Often times we go through the world in a daze, so […]

Try This : Mantra Meditation

Try This : Mantra Meditation

There are so many different ways to meditate it’s astonishing. Today I wanted to talk to you about mantra meditation. Mantra Meditation is repeating a sacred word, phrase, or short affirmation aloud or in your head. I see mantra meditation as a sort of self […]

What To Do After Your First Heartbreak

Heart breaks are always tough. It feels as if they go on for ever and you’ll never move on. I’m here to tell you, you can and you will.

My first heartbreak was when I was in 9th grade. There was a guy that I absolutely “loved” of course when we broke up I was heart broken.

I can’t tell you how many times or how hard I cried. It took me months to fully recover but I was also like 14, so while it hurt I didn’t realize my life will go on.

I’ve had many more heart breaks since then and I treated them much less dramatically. I still cried but I found a away to deal with the pain consecutively. Here’s how…

Always let your feelings show, but don’t call the bastard. Just cry, write an angry letter, fantasize about killing him. Just let it out.

Tell your friends about the whole thing. Let them know you’re just there to rant not to get advice. Right now you just need an ear.

After you’ve gotten it all out. Go do something you enjoy. Get a massage, get your nails done, you hair done, read a new book. Dig deep into your hobbies and just loose yourself in it.

Visit your bucket list. What’s something you’ve been wanting to do? Do it. It’ll get your mind off it and you can check something off the list.

Meditate and get back in touch with your self. Or you can do self hypnosis to help you let things go.

Remind yourself this will pass this when you start to feel that hurt feeling again. Eventually you won’t have to tell yourself any more.

1 Week Post Social Media Detox

It’s been a little more than a week since I first decided to do a social media detox (warm turkey method) and I have to say, it’s been ok. I didn’t have a spiritual awakening that people say they do after purging from something everyone […]