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Fix Your Cracked Heels

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I’m not going to lie, I’m not one of the girls with pretty feet. I got my dad’s dry cracked feet with bad heels and calluses.

That’s not the feet girls typically have, but at this point I’m just happy I have them and I’m trying not to make them worse. However, with me working in retail, and me wanting to wear pointed toe shoes its not helping. My feet go through alot so I always have them on my mind especially with it being summer I try to keep them up. Here’s what I do.

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I try to soak my feet at least once a week in super hot water and sand off the calluses and dry flaky skin off the bottom of my heels with a callus remover. While it does remove the callus it makes them a bit scratchy so I use a emery board to smooth it out.

Once that’s done, I rub Castro oil in my heels and along my calluses. I mean dig it in deeep so its in there. After I coat my feet in Vaseline (old remedy) and put on thick socks. I leave them on for a few hours. The heat makes the Vaseline absorb better in the skin.

Photo: linktobeauty

Nightly of course I keep them moisturize and maybe a day or two later I go over my heels with the Emory board just for good measure.

I’ve tried the creams that say they help but they never really work. Or if they did they made everything else on my feet peel but what I needed to. So I don’t care to waste my money on them anymore. This I’ve done for years, when I do it works it always does.

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