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Thoughts On: Ulta Smooth Exfoliating Scrub

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I love exfoliating my body, like a really good body scrub is my weakness! I used to exfoliate all the time but, I kinda lacked on my beauty routine. I loved having super soft even skin. So I think I’m going to start it back up.

I’ll be honest 85% off the reason I try certain items is the packing. If the package is nice I’m more inclined to buy it. When I went shopping today I knew I needed a gritty exfoliator (the best kind for the body).

I saw an exfoliator by the ulta brand that packaging was classic clean design. It looked like it was super gritty also it’s Lemongrass and Verbena scented, smells amazing.

Further examination showed that it contains shea butter (very hydrating), aloe (soothing),and Green Tea (antioxidants). With a cocktail like that I was sold.

When I tried to scoop some out it felt like I was reaching in to wet sand at the beach. I loved the grittiness of it.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t really harsh. It states it has walnut shells in it but I did feel any ripping at my skin. There was good exfoliation happening my skin felt so smooth after I felt like a baby.

I’ve only tried it once, and I’m very pleased. I’ll keep you posted on how it really goes. It’s been a day and my skin still feels lux.

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