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MakeupBrush Washing Hack

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I loathe washing making up brushes. The process is so long and I never feel as if I got the brushes back in ‘like new condition’ not to mention my hands would be so prune-y afterwards. I always wanted a makeup brush washer, but I don’t want to really invest the money. When I saw a DIY hack where you can make a makeup brush scrubber with a clipboard and a hot glue gun I was set.

I didn’t do it in order because I didn’t have the video in front of me. I did remember squiggly lines and dots. So I made a few rows of each.  (I had to recreate it because I forgot to take the pic)


I was set to wash my brushes. I mistakenly washed the first for it 5 in hot water after a few scrubs or so I noticed a few dots missing as well as a squiggly line. I power through and switched to cold water. I managed to clean all 28 or so of my brushes plus 3 makeup sponges in less than 30 minutes which is fast for me. The glue pretty much came off I’m going to say it was because of the hot water but I’m not sure.


They were cleaner than I would have gotten them in my own so I’m very pleased and seeing how it only takes less than 10 minutes to make the board I don’t mind remaking it when it’s time to wash, although it’d be nice if it would stay put. All in all 7/10.

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