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Oily Skin? Try This Moisturizer

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I live in NC so it gets humid, plus I’m oily as a pig. I’ve tried every powder and I feel like I put so much on I look like cake face (I like a little dew) but if I put nothing on I’m so shiny.

Then I found this moisturizer at ULTA called Seriously Shine Free by Formula 10.0.6 and was like why the freck not? I’ve tried the brand masks before and its good, so why not a moisturizer?

Y’all when I tell you this moisturizer kept me matte. I was matte. I usually put on a little bit of powder around lunchtime but there was no need.  It has Aloe which is good for calming skin and Bamboo which I’m not sure what that does.

All I know is that this moisturizer kept me from looking like a disco ball and I ❤️ it.



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