So The Journey Beings

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I just created this blog and I saw the title on one of WordPress’s template posts and I thought it was perfect for what I want this to be about. A journey of some sorts.

I already have a blog primarily focusing on bras for busty girls. Like you can go on their and find an article relating to a bra issue you have and we can hopefully find a solution to it, it’s called hop on over.

This isn’t what this blog is about. I like to rit more as an outlet if anything. It just helps me think. With that blog being so controlled I don’t feel as if I can just put anything on there. That’s what this one is about. is when I have tips and advice about your boobs, justmyvibeb is just for whatever I want it to be.

Whenever I need to write and get some stuff off my chest or if I have some inspo or tips that you could get something from.

Think of it as your junk drawer of blogs. It has a little bit of everything but you might find exactly what you need in there…somewhere,,,

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