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Bra Problems: Why Does My Wire Pop Out?

Bra Problems: Why Does My Wire Pop Out?

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I’ve worn bras for as long as I can remember. Being the youngest of 3 girls and developing breast by 3rd grade I’ve had my fair share issues with wearing hand-me-down bras. From riding too high and having bruises on my side from wires poking out I’ve dealt with it all. Now I work in a bra store where I see women going through the same issues I had and simply not knowing what to do. I’ve shared my experience with them and giving them my tips and tricks on bras and they’ve benefited so much from the experience I thought some of you out there can benefit from it to.

I’ll start with the most common,

Why Does My Wire Keep Popping Out.

How many times have you been strutting around doing errands when you feel a stab in your chest. You look down and see your bra wire came up for some air and stabbed you in the process? Why does it hurt you when all you do is (sorta ) love it?

9/10 its how you’re washing it. When you put it in the washer the agitator(the thing that makes the washer turn) is too aggressive can cause the wire to twist. Eventually, the wire pokes a hole through the fabric. It happens all the time.

Or you throw it in the dryer. The hot burner of a dryer that makes your clothes toasty makes your bra shrink. Since the wire itself does not shrink like the bra can you’re left with the wire poking through.

And an often forgotten reason. Your bra is old and the fabric is wearing thin and the wire starts to rub you.

The Solution?

Hand wash your bras and let them air dry. Also replace bras regularly about every 3-6 months or so.

You should wash your bras about every week or so. It’ll lengthen the life of your bra and prevents anything from twisting your wires.

You can lay them down on the towel or hang it on a hanger in the shower so they can dry back to their original form.


I’ve heard of people putting them in a salad tosser and I wouldn’t recommend that for a few reasons.


Reason One unless your bra is tiny you have to shove your bra in there and that’s not good for the wire. Then the grates on the side can rip up the delicate fabric on the bra. Plus it’s used to wash lettuce which you primarily only use water and maybe vinegar. It’s not made to rinse detergent out which can lead to fibers breaking down in the fabric due to the petroleum or skin irritation.

I know you can rinse it out after you toss it in the spinner but if that’s the case then you might as well skip the salad spinner and handwash it yourself.

Hope this helps 💋✌

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