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No Ride No Show Panties

No Ride No Show Panties

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Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to wear a sheer or thing bottoms but you don’t have a thong or you can see it?

It’s the worst and its difficult to deal with. I did find one pair of panties that don’t show lines. It’s called vanishing edge panties I got them from Soma.

They have silicone on the edge in the back so they lie flat and don’t ride up like some seamless panties(looking at you VS).

I know what you’re thinking does the silicone get annoying. No. It’s not hot or anything. The only issue I’ve run into is if you have a big behind like me sometimes it’ll fold in the creases. Also, you have to place them but once you set them you’re good.

I’ve only found them at soma but I am currently looking for other options because I like to find and have a few but I haven’t found any really.

If you’ve tried or had a pair of panties that’s seamless let me know I would love to try it out.

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