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Cure Period Bloating With One Easy Drink

Cure Period Bloating With One Easy Drink

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Credit: thechalkboardmag


Almost like clockwork I always get painful bloating when I’m on my period as if the breakouts weren’t enough.

While it painful to go through this every month its a lot better than the alternative (in my case at least).

I know I’m not the only one. My belly swells up like I am pregnant and I cramp horribly.

One thing that keeps me my stomach at bay is my apple cider vinegar. I’ve sworn by Apple cider vinegar since I was younger when my mom introduced it to me when I was sick to calm my aching stomach. Ever since then I’ve used apple cider vinegar to calm my stomach pains (its good for acne too).

All you need is two cap fulls of the vinegar and a glass full of water. Sip it slowly but drink it all at once.

Usually, it’ll take about 5 or 10 minutes for the bloating to go down after you drink it. Do this everyone you get bloated and you’ll be set. It also works well as an appetite suppressant and helps with cravings too.

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