#MyLife: Old Habits Die Hard

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You know that old saying “Old habits die hard” it’s a fact.

I’ve been dealing with my toxic ex for 2 years post-breakup.The question on your and my mind is why? Well, I think we all know why. I sincerely care about the guy, I do but it’s getting tiring. Let me explain.

After the break up we were trying to be friends but it kept leading on to something more and something deeper, I thought we had a chance of getting or old thing back so I left my stable at the time boyfriend to be with him and it’s been hell since.

The other week we got into another argument¬†about what you ask? He decides that while we were intimate to start taking pictures, a huge no-no. I told him to turn off the camera or I wouldn’t continue. He goes on to tell me how selfish I am and why this is why we had broken up in the first place. I told him to leave.

Later that evening he tells me that he’s no longer helping me move or celebrating my birthday with me(something I didn’t invite him to anyway).

I just replied ok and left it at that. I’m sick of arguing and fighting and all the negativity.

He then decides to call me the other day to ask how my birthday went. I told him it was fine and asked why he called. He tells me it’s because he wants to know how my birthday went. Mind you it was 1 am he just wanted to know who I was with and if I have gotten any for my birthday. That’s not an assumption he straight up asked me.

I told him no because I hadn’t. I kept quiet because I told myself this was it if I really want a lifestyle change and move towards a more positive life, he has got to go.

He then began telling me how he’s messing with a new girl who has a man and what should he do about it because she’s not talking to him at work anymore. I told him he already knows the answer. After that, we ended the call.

To rid yourself of toxic energy you prevent it from entering your life. Not b blocking it on social media, or number. Instead when negativity¬†does try to enter your life entertain it in a way that lets it know this is it. You’re done here and your energy isn’t welcome so please leave.

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