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How I Get My Legs Silky Smooth

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With the weather getting nice it’s time we talk about body hair. It doesn’t matter how you like it as long as it’s styled how you like it. With that being said here’s how I get my legs silky smooth.

Basic Hair Removal

I use Nair to remove my hair, it makes it last so much longer and it’s less of a hassle. I just follow the directions, leave it on for no more than like 5 minutes.

Advanced Removal

After the Nair is done I hop in the shower and rinse it off and then I’ll shave my legs. I do this because I always feel a prickle like the Nair only takes the end.


Then I get a nice gritty physical exfoliator and scrub the mess out of my legs. When I’m done I oil my legs up then put lotion on them and BAM silk-tastic legs.


When it’s all said in done I moisturize my legs with Bio-Oil or a thick lotion. Doing this legs usually stay smooth for a good two weeks or so.

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