Why You Need To Embrace Green

Why You Need To Embrace Green
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When I first set out to design my living room, I never thought of the color green. It’s not my favorite color, and I was climbing an uphill battle and I knew green wouldn’t help.

My vision was clear, create a peaceful environment where I could come to relax. And all I could think was green.

Green represents is a color of renewal, harmony and the color of life. So it makes sense that I would think about Green when I wanted a harmonious place for my life to begin.

When I do come home I do feel as if my home is more peaceful and I do feel calmer and more relaxed.

You don’t have to go full on green with a wall or something extra like that, but you can get a plant or something. I have nice vines going down the wall. You can get a nice crystal or a cool aloe plant and set it on your coffee table.

Just any small thing to bring some positive energy to your life is a good thing, Green is the way to go.

PS. BTW I’m not completely finished with my room but it’s 98% done.


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