1 Week Post Social Media Detox

It’s been a little more than a week since I first decided to do a social media detox (warm turkey method) and I have to say, it’s been ok.

I didn’t have a spiritual awakening that people say they do after purging from something everyone does.

So I know you want to know, what the heck happened. Honestly, not much and it was pretty great.

My best form is bullet so I’ll break it down.

  • I started working out regularly. Like every morning I woke up at like 6am , I didn’t get on my phone so I would just start my day. It was nice I ate breakfast everyday tended my plants work on my magazine it was nice.
  • I remembered the big picture. I would get so caught up on keeping my Instagram up and what other people were doing, I lost track of my life. So i got to put a few things in perspective that was nice.

  • I actually got more social. Besides just scrolling through the time line. I actually, get this, talked to people. I responded to my messages on time or within reason.
  • Lastly I ate less. I would love watching people cook online and would get soo hungry! I don’t know if I lost weight but my wallet was happy.

So that’s what happened after my detox, I think it’s better for me overall. I wonder for any of you guys try it? Or do you even want to?

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