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All Wrapped Up Like A Gram Of Cocaine

All Wrapped Up Like A Gram Of Cocaine

As you may or may not know I have been blogging for 9 years now. I’ve had a multitude of blogs, all pretty much the same topic; fashion, beauty, and life. Over the recent years I’ve seen my life going in many different ways, When […]

To The Left, To The Left

To The Left, To The Left

When it comes to relationships even the longest standing can enter the danger zone when things get real. I’ve always been one to bite my tongue especially when it comes to friends. I rather just have you rant about your issues than to tell you […]

Stripless In The City

Stripless In The City

Dating is a great way to meet people, explore the city, and find what you like and don’t like in a partner. More often than not you find what you don’t like.

Scarlett just finally had time after a long day to rest with a glass of red wine at her local bar. She’d been single for close to a year now and grew tired of constantly going home to an empty apartment.

Thus the reason she’s out. Sipping her wine she makes eyes with a dark-haired man across the bar smiling at her. She sweetly smiled back lowering her glass as the man sauntered over.

They exchanged pleasantries and talked well into the evening. Scarlett started thinking that this was the end of her lonely nights When he asked for her number she quickly put it into his phone.


She goes upstairs and rushes to the phone to call her friend. She must let her know the dry spell is almost over!

“Elle, I’ve finally found someone I’m slightly interested in.” Scarlett sang.

“Really? The ice queen has a heart?” Elle dryly asked

Ignoring her Scarlett continues. “He’s tall, well dressed, Brazilian, gorgeous hazel eyes….”

“What’s his name?”

“Eric. Eric Salazar. ” Scarlett sighs.

“No. Oh, God. No. Delete his number now. ” Elle demanded.

“Why? Do you know him?”

“That’s the guy who tried to jump off of the building a few weeks ago. ” Elle explained.

“Wait, what?” Scarlett said confused 

“Oh yes!” Elle exclaimed. “He was blind stinkin’ drunk threatening to end it all because some girl didn’t return his messages. He’s psycho. “

Scarlett was at a loss for words. “He was so charming when I met him.”

“Yeah, that’s how they getcha’.”

“Well, thanks for letting me know. I guess”

“No problem girl.”

Scarlett hung up the phone and curled up on the couch. Blindly staring at the TV. Then her phone buzzed. Eric had sent her a text message.


“It was great meeting you tonight.” He wrote.

Suddenly she was filled with remorse. “Now I have to deal with this guy.” she thought.

“Nice meeting you too.”

“I would love to see you again. There’s a strip club that I love to go to. “He responded.

Seriously, did he really just say that? She thought as she reread the message.

“That’s not really my scene.”

“Don’t worry no actual strippers will be there..”

No strippers at a strip club. Really? She rolled her eyes and blocked his number not bothering to respond. She sighs and beings to wonder if there any worth wild men out there that you don’t have to fix? Her puppy Pepper hops up and snuggles besides her. Scarlett smiles and remembers there’s always tomorrow and there’s always another guy. 

#Fashion of The Golden Globes

#Fashion of The Golden Globes

The first red carpet of the year. Can’t you smell the hair spray? Let’s talk fashion. I’m not doing a love and hate this year. I’m simply going to list the looks I absolutely loved on the carpet. Photos from whowhatwear Twitter page

A little Bare or Full Bush

A little Bare or Full Bush

Since the 90’s it was pretty common for women to shave. It wasn’t normal/common before, but now it’s almost weird if you don’t. I’m not a huge shaver, it’s nothing political. I’m not taking a stance against the patriarchy with my pubic hair, I’m just […]

I’ll Do Anything For Love, But Not That

I’ll Do Anything For Love, But Not That

When it comes to the world of dating it’s hard to really know what you are. One minute you think it’s going somewhere and there’s a chance then it knocks you back ten paces.

Adrian is a blast from the past. We met up in high school and rekindled our relationship years later. I thought it would be the romance of a lifetime. We rekindled our romance fairly quickly sending sweet nothings

He would call me and we would have the sweetest conversation however nothing ever really came of it. But the soft words he would speak to me would always melt my heart. I knew they were just words, not at first my revelation came in twos.

The first was when I had confessed my feelings knowing full well that this conversation would not lead to a relationship. The distance was a huge factor, neither one of us had the time or the money to really go see each other frequently enough to really keep a relationship going. Also, I wouldn’t really trust him enough to leave him to his own devices and I get a little lonely too.

All this being sad it still hurts when you tell someone that you like them and they don’t tell you they like you too, even though their actions tell you otherwise. It’s like they can’t confess it or they really don’t like you. Either way not a good look if either one of us were in a position to move, and could have something going. It’s just not going to happen. There wasn’t even a “maybe one day babe” it was just a straight up, “awww no.”

I should have taken the hint there. I guess I was just going through it. I woke up for a bit after that but I fell right back a sleep a few days later.

Then came the most recent offense. We were texting and somehow got on the topic of him coming down here. After a few minutes of him searching, he said he couldn’t find a car, and no train tickets were available.

I told him to give me a second and let me look. I found bus tickets literally 60% less than what he would have paid for a car and a train. His exact words were ” Oh no honey I don’t do the bus.”

Those words still ignite a fire inside me. I thought (before getting mad) there might have been a reason, a bad experience, a tragic accident anything. Nope, just a no.

I was confused and frustrated because the amount of I miss you’s he would send me daily, the amount of I wish you were here’s he would send me makes me think you can take a bus ride.

At that moment I just decided that while I would find anyway and do all that I could to get up there and see him, and you couldn’t do this? Something so simple? Without even a reason.

The biggest thing to me is I don’t really ask for a lot (#independent woman ) so when I do and you can’t or unwilling to, I expect more than a very condescending “Oh no honey I don’t ride the bus.”

Like WTF?

What’s your thoughts? Am I being petty, or are you just as frustrated as me? Leave a comment below and as always don’t forget to share and subscribe to our email list!


Awaken The Magic Inside You

Awaken The Magic Inside You

Welcome to the first post of the new year! I know you have so much to celebrate and be happy for. The past year was a very trying one for me, anything that could have happened to me did. I know everyone says that and […]

#ProductLust Love Beauty and Planet

#ProductLust Love Beauty and Planet

I’ve been hearing about this all natural brand drugstore brand I had to see what the buzz was all about. If you’ve never heard of Love Beauty and Planet it’s an all natural skin care line that does not test on animals. Their goal is […]

The Coolest Thing Netflix Has Done #EVER: Black Mirror Bandersnatch

I couldn’t get into Bird Box I couldn’t. I could, however, get into Black Mirror. Netflix I really have to say you’ve outdone yourself with this interactive movie.

You remember those choose your own destiny books you read when you were little? Netflix turned it into a bloody show! I know all through out you choose the characters destiny.

The story is in the UK around the ’80s and focuses around Stephan a young ma who is creating a video game based off the book Bandersnatch. He’s also suffering from mental illness stemming from the tragic death of his mother.

The show starts off telling you how you choose the characters story and the commands. Then we start off hearing about Stephan’s life and d giving you the background story of Stephan. Soon you’re presented multiple choice options that influence the story’s outcome.

All these are possibilities and it’s up to you on what he does and who he becomes is all up to you. I freaking love it. I’m still watching it and I don’t want to give too much away, because there are only two options and if you choose mine and I really want you to watch this grown breaking show for yourself. It’s beyond amazing.

I’m Single & I Don’t Want Kids.. Deal With It

I’m Single & I Don’t Want Kids.. Deal With It

Ever since I was around the age of 12 I knew I didn’t want kids. I admittedly was sexually mature for my age and aware that while we might use sex for pleasure it’s primary use is making babies. I made the logical decision then […]

What Happened When I Was Sober For A Week

What Happened When I Was Sober For A Week

I have/had a drinking problem, I’m well aware of my tendencies. However it’s not as bad as everyone thinks. A few weeks back I was going to see a therapist a few weeks back to work through somethings.

When she found out how often I would drink (every day starting when I woke up) she asked if I considered my self an alcoholic. I told her I would meet her in the middle and say I showed symptoms of alcoholism because I didn’t have withdrawal symptoms (like shaking or irritable )when I wasn’t drinking. She asked, “Well how do you know if you never stopped?”

That’s where it all started

I don’t like not having answers to questions about myself and that was one question I did not have an answer to. So two bottles later I decided to cut out drinking.

Day 1-2

I was fine, I missed drinking. I was just going through the motions with work and I would come home. I didn’t want to really go out or talk to people. On the 2nd day, my manager came and asked me if everything was ok because I was being robotic. Of course, I told her I was fine I couldn’t tell her I was drinking at work.

Day 4

The headaches start, they’re mild, you hardly notice them but they are there. It’s been pretty steady since the second day. Maybe I do have withdrawals… Also, my depression as came back and that wasn’t cool I couldn’t even blame it on me sobering up.

Day 5

I woke up basically and I realized where my unhappiness came from. While I don’t have the most stressful life, my job is a large part of my unhappiness because there’s hardly any work-life balance. So I feel like I’m always there, with people who are ok, but I’m not necessarily looking forward to seeing any of them, ever.

Day 6-7

I have made it my week! I set new goals found a new passion and calling and I’m on my way. I do miss drinking and thought when the weekend hit the first thing I was going to do was go to liquor store and chug a bottle. Instead, I woke up and meditated, I cleaned my whole apartment and I’ve been working out.


I’m not going to continue down this road of avoiding alcohol forever. I will drink but just limit it to a few days a week like the weekend. I do see how my mental state has improved. So again moderation and maybe not grab a drink first thing in the morning lol.

Edit: I just want to mention today I drank 2 glasses of wine, and I still got a headache. So maybe it’s not from withdrawals.